Agricultural specialists
from $19/hr.
No trial period required. Save up to 50% on staffing.
An agricultural enterprise of any format and volume of production cannot do without agricultural specialists who perform the main types of work and tasks. We select staff in accordance with their professional training and work experience. We also pay great attention to the personal qualities of employees, because the ability to work and the effectiveness of the work performed depends on them. Our staff is experienced and hardworking, do not require additional training and probation.

Other specialties: Cashiers, Cleaners, Forklift Operator, Cooks, Handymen, Movers, Administrators, Pickers, Packers, Markers, Stickers, Scanner, Sellers, Hall Workers, Technologist, Merchandisers, Warehouse workers, Conveyor workers, Stackers, Kitchen workers, Equipment washers, Root workers, Confectioners, Greenhouse specialists, Agriculture Specialists, Tractor drivers, Mechanic, Scrubber operator, Mechanical Engineer
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