Hall workers from $19,1/hr.

Professional experience. No training required. Politeness and accuracy.
Save up to 50% on staffing.
Hall workers in stores and retail space are often the face of the company they represent. The image of the organization and its profit depend on the politeness, attentiveness and professionalism of the employee. The employee must be well versed in the assortment of your product and competitors' products, understand the technical characteristics and know the prices of products. We'll provide experienced staff who don't need training already tomorrow.

Other specialties: Cashiers, Cleaners, Forklift Operator, Cooks, Handymen, Movers, Administrators, Pickers, Packers, Markers, Stickers, Scanner, Sellers, Hall Workers, Technologist, Merchandisers, Warehouse workers, Conveyor workers, Stackers, Kitchen workers, Equipment washers, Root workers, Confectioners, Greenhouse specialists, Agriculture Specialists, Tractor drivers, Mechanic, Scrubber operator, Mechanical Engineer
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