It is used by most large enterprises and organizations of network trade and catering, as cost reduction in these areas leads to a significant increase in profitability.
Our company checks each employee with a security service and also finds out qualifications, experience and skills. In the future we control the activities of the provided employees and are responsible for them. You can be sure of the frames provided by us.
The selection of personnel, their certification and training, compliance with labor and migration laws the control of employees is undertaken by a private employment agency and you release financial, labor and organizational resources to get only the result.
Each project has its own personal manager. In case of questions the manager will promptly respond and resolve an incomprehensible situation. Our company is responsible for the provided employees under the contract.
Outstaffing - this is the registration in the staff of the company already working, proven staff of the customer company. Employees also continue to work in their previous jobs and perform their previous functions, but the rights and obligations of the employer formally pass to the agency. Outstaffing it is believed that this is an invention of Japanese management. In Japan, the company employs no more than a third of all employees working for it, so to speak, the basic composition that determines the face of the company, shaping its appearance, responsible for its development and normal functioning. All other employees are deducted for the staff, while they receive a normal salary.

The provider assumes full legal responsibility for the personnel, including maintaining personnel records and bookkeeping, paying salaries, taxes, arranging holidays, bonuses, etc. Retired employees continue to work in the same place and fulfill their previous duties, but the obligations of the employer in relation to them are performed by the provider company.

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