Packers from $16,25/hr.

No trial period. Required Security staff verified. Save up to 40% on staffing.
Any enterprise or production needs a qualified and accurate packer because quality packaging in itself is an advertisement and motivates to purchase goods. We test and check our staff for their compliance with the profession and outsource only experienced packers to ensure smooth operation without being distracted by training. Renting packers can save up to 40% of the budget for this task and offload the human resources department and accounting.

Other specialties: Cashiers, Cleaners, Forklift Operator, Cooks, Handymen, Movers, Administrators, Pickers, Packers, Markers, Stickers, Scanner, Sellers, Hall Workers, Technologist, Merchandisers, Warehouse workers, Conveyor workers, Stackers, Kitchen workers, Equipment washers, Root workers, Confectioners, Greenhouse specialists, Agriculture Specialists, Tractor drivers, Mechanic, Scrubber operator, Mechanical Engineer
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