Scanners from $16,25/hr.

No trial period. Employees have work experience. Save up to 40% on staffing.
Specialized education.
A warehouse either enterprise or chain store can't work effectively without the services of a scanner. This inconspicuous work has a very big impact on the work of the organization as a whole and can significantly increase economic efficiency. Both managers and marketers, as well as the company's logistics service, depend on the accuracy and timeliness of the scanner. We offer staffing of experienced scanners with work experience.

Other specialties: Cashiers, Cleaners, Forklift Operator, Cooks, Handymen, Movers, Administrators, Pickers, Packers, Markers, Stickers, Scanner, Sellers, Hall Workers, Technologist, Merchandisers, Warehouse workers, Conveyor workers, Stackers, Kitchen workers, Equipment washers, Root workers, Confectioners, Greenhouse specialists, Agriculture Specialists, Tractor drivers, Mechanic, Scrubber operator, Mechanical Engineer
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