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Leasing temporary staff helped a large number of organizations cope with staffing problems and ensured their steady growth.
Our company checks each employee with a security service and also finds out qualifications, experience and skills. In the future we control the activities of the provided employees and are responsible for them. You can be sure of the frames provided by us.
The selection of personnel, their certification and training, compliance with labor and migration laws the control of employees is undertaken by a private employment agency and you release financial, labor and organizational resources to get only the result.
Each project has its own personal manager. In case of questions the manager will promptly respond and resolve an incomprehensible situation. Our company is responsible for the provided employees under the contract.
Temporary personnel are employees who are involved in a project or at any time through a private employment agency. Attracting temporary staff is a great way to reduce the costs of maintaining and employing permanent staff. One of the main areas of Help Resource is outsourcing. You can calmly concentrate on your business tasks and our company will take care of the personnel, saving your time and resources.

Providing temporary staff will help you reduce staff costs and free yourself from the burden of complying with the labor code and paying taxes which will free up extra resources for further development and expansion of your business. Leasing temporary staff has helped a large number of organizations cope with staffing problems and ensure sustainable growth. Our staff doesn't require special training and a trial period, as we carefully check specialists when hiring. We guarantee the quality of work performed by our temporary staff.

Our private employment agency has extensive experience and has been in the market since the moment this direction appeared. Efficiency, safety and quality are key concepts in our work. We constantly improve the efficiency of the service and maintain the highest quality requirements for the quality of service for our customers.
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