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We've been partnering with the Grocery, Delivery, Retail, Logistics, and inventory companies for more than ten years in CIS countries, the UK, and the US.

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What are you getting with us?

1. Safety

We use a security agency to examine each worker's skills, experience, and qualifications. We will be accountable for and control the activity of the offered personnel in times ahead. There's no need to get bothered.

2. Profit

A private recruitment company handles staff recruitment, training and certification, compliance with migration laws and labor,and staff control, and unleashes organizational, labor and financial resources to acquire only the outcome.

3. Stability

A decorated manager will oversee each initiative. In the event of a problem, the manager will respond quickly and handle an uncertain issue. We are responsible for the sourced staff under the service agreement.


HelpResource x FoodRocket

In the fall of 2021, a new company with a 15-minute delivery appeared on the American market -

We immediately contacted the company's owner and offered to cooperate because we like progressive and modern startups. We are always open to flexible cooperation with such companies.
In general, we believe in new, young minds and are ready to help various startups hire employees, as we have a lot of experience and will support rapid development!

Thus, in two weeks, we have sent 120 candidates for the position of a courier in Chicago and 30 for the role of a courier with a driver’s license in San Francisco.

For work, we chose the option - staffing - an option where we take on the search, employment in the staff of our company under the W2 contract, onboarding, salary payment, and all legal risks and objections. And two weeks later, our couriers working in the FR received their first salary.
We wish FR fruitful work and all the best! Thank you for being with us!

COO Company Alexander Martynenko

HelpResource x Buyk

Our history in America began with the Bike Company, for which we are very grateful to the team!

The first time we met at a Google meeting with Bike owners, we realized that this company has hugely ambitious plans!

And it was also clear that to develop the business as quickly as they wanted, without the help of the agency and the speed limit, they could not cope.

Therefore, we took on couriers, store managers, supervisors, and promoters.

And already in July 2021, we were ready to start working in New York; our team of 3 people selected 300 candidates!

But we had to wait a bit for the Bike, and in September, during the first working week, we sent 34 candidates for the courier vacancy.

It was important for the client not only to get a large number of employees but also to be confident in their professionalism and stability.

And so, in 6 months of cooperation, our team of 5 HRs sent to Bike:

1500 couriers

300 promoters

9 managers

For cooperation, you have the option of hiring and staffing. After interviewing them, we selected the right candidates and employed them in our company. Furthermore, we did onboarding, controlled, paid salaries, provided insurance, and solved all the problems.
Unfortunately, due to Russia’s hostile invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Bike could not stay in the US market. But we wish the team success and hope we will have the opportunity to collaborate again!

COO Alexander Martynenko

HelpResource x Get Whizz

Whizz - our longtime friends and partners specializing in transport for couriers.

Our collaboration is two in one for the price of one for the client! (You can somehow correct this phrase beautifully - like in a poppy). We make our collaboration prices cheaper by slashing the collaboration cost by fifty percent so that our clients can easily afford them.

Aside from the fact that we fully discharge the duties of the entire HR department, we take on all legal risks, payments, and insurance; we can also provide couriers on brand new electric bikes!
We love Whizz and their excellent modern team!
We hope to play tennis in New York soon!

CEO Ilya Prusenko

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We ensure total secrecy throughout all phases of collaboration and the engagement of skilled professionals that will satisfy all of our clients' needs.


The company hires only about 1/3 of all the workers. This is the core structure that establishes a company's image.

Staff Provision

We are an expert in our industry and can help you with your staffing problems irrespective of your line of business.

Temporary Staff

Our temporary staffing solution has a lot of expertise and has been there from the beginning of this trend. Our approach revolves around the ideals of quality, safety, and efficiency.

Leasing staff

To complete these jobs effectively, the company should collaborate closely with its managers, irrespective of their levels of management. The quality of the leadership is critical to its effectiveness.

Also, you'll enjoy the following benefits:


Staff Recruitment

We'll be engaged in selecting personnel, observing all your conditions and wishes for the qualifications of future employees.


Education of Staff

We provide training for employees and the development of relevant experience.


Quality Control

We monitor the quality of work carried out by our employees and bear full responsibility for them.


Salary Payment

All payments to staff, including bonuses, social benefits, and tax payments, are entirely on our shoulders.



We choose relevant candidates and interview them to learn their personality and details, so you can easily see who matches your criteria to move forward.


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